Lies, and more lies

This is a list of many things Nathan commonly lies about…

- General discharge (not honorable or medical) from US Navy in April 2021

- Deployed to Afghanistan September 2017- May 2018 (his only deployment)

- Has 3 divorces, 3 kids, currently married in FL

- Owes over $12000 in child support to 1 child, has never paid for the other 2

- Has delinquent taxes as well as performed tax fraud and bank fraud; history of bankruptcy; sued by Ally bank 2023

- Frequently uses alias (fake names) in addition to Nathan, Nate, Noah, NOA, most recently used Ty Bryant, Ty B, Peter Gabriel, Frank German, Frederick, Joe Foti, Ben Booger; Doc Bradley

- Engagement ring given to Tracy, 3rd wife. Taken from her by Nathan before he moved to FL and has been given to other women since then. 

- LV wallet taken from Tracy’s closet, also has been given to other women. 

- 3rd wife's initials tattooed below cube

- Roman numerals of marriage #3 on hand


  1. He told me his name is Noah. I felt something was off and started googling anything I could come up with and stumbled upon this blog.

    1. I met him in October last year and he told me that his name was Ty. He acted really suspicious so like you I googled everything I could and found this blog.

  2. I am shocked. This person is someone I dated while I was active duty back in 09. I should have known he was this way.

  3. I met him when he first enlisted to the Navy and was new to San Diego. I think I was just after wife number 1 before number 2. He's a pathological liar. I have stories upon stories. The amount of money this man has con from women, I can only imagine.


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